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We now offer online purchasing of our Revision Skincare products. Purchases available for in-clinic pickup only.

Why does authenticity matter? Do all websites carry authentic products?

Don't fall for it. An offer to purchase the same luxury skin care product from a non-certified retailer that boasts big discounts or free shipping?! This primarily occurs online, but can also occur in discount stores across the nation. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
Genuine skin care products from luxury skin care brands are expensive. You are paying for science, quality, and proven results. You may save 10-25% on big name retail sites online, but there is no guarantee that this product isn't counterfeit, unless it comes from a certified retailer who has a partnership with the brand. You will likely receive product that is either expired, or soon will be. Don't trust the packaging. Products can be tampered with and re-sealed to look 100% authentic. You might feel like you're finding a good deal, but in reality, you could be causing irritation, burning, and irreversible damage to your skin. Not to mention these products aren't regulated and it is unclear what ingredients you may be putting on your skin.
Look, I know genuine products are expensive. In the long run, you end up paying less because these quality products last longer and you see results faster.
 Make the smart choice, your skin deserves it.