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We now offer online purchasing of our Revision Skincare products. Purchases available for in-clinic pickup only.

We strive for excellence. Your well-being is our priority.

Allow our experience, education, and expertise to guide you towards your skincare and aesthetic goals. We provide medical procedures including prescription chemical peels, injectables (wrinkle relaxers & soft tissue fillers), PRF injections, and micro needling with or without PRP.

We offer access safe, effective, and scientifically proven professional products sold in physician offices.

How do we keep you safe? Authenticity of product and safe sourcing. 

Your safety is our number one priority, and this is why we chose to form professional partnerships with only certified and reputable medical supplies companies and manufacturers.  Our medical supplies ranging from gloves and gauze to injectable bacterial saline and epinephrine are obtained through Henry Schein and McKesson Medial Surgical. These two supplies hold national pharmacy licenses as well as licenses as medical supplies distribution facilities, ensuring that the products we use are safe and medical- grade. We do not obtain any supplies or products from Amazon or other distributors that are non-medical and non-regulated.

We obtain all of our injectable products such as Botox, Daxxify, RHA Fillers, SKIVIVE, etc. directly from the manufacturer. We watch expiration dates closely and also ensure proper storage requirements are met. Our Revision Skincare products are authentic, and again, purchased directly from the source. These partnerships with Allergan, Galderma, Revance Aesthetics, Revision Skincare, etc. require contracts that only certain medical aesthetic clinics qualify for. This helps to prevent unauthorized product and procedure distribution and we are proud to be selected as one of their trusted partners. 

How do we keep you safe? Practice makes perfect, protocols are key. 

Due to the nature of our medical aesthetics practice, we also use state of the art vaccine refrigeration monitoring protocols and equipment to ensure that our refrigerated products are always kept at their narrow temperature requirements. Although a medical emergency is unlikely to happen, we stock an assortment of emergency medications in clinic and monitor their expiration dates closely and update emergency protocols to stay current with the standard of practice recommendations. 

Are all of these extra steps a requirement in an aesthetic practice? The short answer is no. Each aesthetic practice can choose which standard to hold themselves to as these are not mandated requirements. For us, it was a no-brainer, we chose the highest standard because we value the trust you have put in us to keep you safe, and we take this responsibility very seriously.  




How do we keep you safe? Extensive patient education, patient assessment, and expertise in the realm of anatomy and physiology of the aesthetic patient. 

We provide robust pre procedure and post procedure written and verbal instructions along with extensive information about each procedure, the potential risks, potential outcomes, and different options regarding selection of products to be used. We take our time during your assessment to note your individual anatomy, skin integrity, and risk vs. benefit ratio in regard to the safety profile for each procedure and the predicted aesthetic outcome. 

How do we keep you safe? Continued training & collaboration with experts in the field of aesthetic medicine. 

Simply put, we invest in ourselves. Throughout the year, our providers attend numerous in person trainings including injectable and cadaver labs taught by expert providers who reside both in and out of the United States. We also stay current on emergency medical protocols and train for potential adverse events associated with higher risk injectable procedures. Collaboration with product ambassador providers allows us to stay current on new products and procedures with patient safety the highest priority. This collaboration allows us to bring the most current aesthetic products and procedures to the Olympic Peninsula. We support and empower our aesthetic clinician team and colleagues who elevate injectable medicine to the highest standard of practice.